Safe From Harm Policy


The website you have just tried to visit has had its link disconnected because information given out on that site is in direct contravention of the Guide Association's Safe From Harm policy.

Our primary responsibility is to keep the girls safe at all times, and whilst we appreciate that most surfers visiting these sites are genuinely interested in Guides and Guiding for all the "right" reasons, nevertheless there are those individuals who have sinister motives for looking for websites featuring young girls.

Guiding websites should NEVER give out details of times and places of meetings and outings; if you wish parents and those with a genuine need to know to have that information, you could give them an email address for them to contact you directly.

You should have parental permission for photos of the girls where they are reasonably recognisable, and do not put names under photos identifying individuals, never use full names, and nicknames are even better.

If your site link has been removed for violation of this policy, it will immediately be reinstated once you have removed the offending details and you have informed the Webmaster.

If you discover any site on this list which contravenes the policy (sites are constantly being updated so are easy to miss) please contact the Webmaster with the Unit name and site URL, and also if you wish to have your site added to the list.

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