Sweet and sour chicken

This is a very easy to make Chinese dish……………………as long as you follow the instructions!

Equipment needed :

  • 1 frying pan,
  • 1 saucepan, quite big,
  • 2 wooden spoons,
  • a chopping board,
  • a sharpish knife,
  • some bowls to eat out of.

Food you should have :

  • A bag of chicken strips
  • Some onions
  • A jar of sweet & sour sauce
  • Some packets of noodles


Method :

Heat up a LITTLE oil in a frying pan, and put in one bag of chicken strips, stir it occasionally.

While the chicken is cooking chop up an onion into strips, if you don't know how to do it then ask a Guider!!

When ALL the chicken is white, then put the onion in the frying pan.

Stir it occasionally · While the onion is cooking, heat up another pan with water in until it boils.

When the water is boiling put in the noodles, one block of noodles for each 2 people, start timing!! (they need 4 mins to cook)

Now that you have the noodles cooking, your onions should be almost cooked, so put in some sweet and sour sauce out of the jar.

Stir it all around, and with a different spoon try to break up the noodles………..is 4 mins up yet??

When your noodles are cooked, ask a Guider to tip the water down the sink (make sure they don't lose any noodles!!)

Share out the noodles into bowls, so there is enough for everyone in your group. Now share out the sweet and sour chicken in the same way!

Eat it, but are you brave enough to do it with chopsticks??

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