Rugrats Theme Ideas #2

A compilation of ideas and suggestions


How about making your own cookies first then eating them? You may be able to get Rugrats cookie cutters or make your own templates of baby related objects eg bottle, rattle etc.

Make their own nappies (miniature sized!) to clothe cardboard babies.

Have a baby sports event - a nappy race, a crawl race who can throw their food farthest (could be fun, messy but fun!) etc.

Get them to make their own clay rattles etc.

Draw round a willing volunteer on to the back of some wall paper and create some funky new babygros, or challenge them to create some baby items from newspaper, bin liners etc, who can climb out their cot fastest.

Play the nursery rhyme game when you put one group in each corner, start with one group who sing the first line of a nursery rhyme, the next group then have the count of 3 to sing the first line of another rhyme and so on . If one group repeats a song, they're out. Keep going until you have a winning team.

How about Mini Golf. We did this on a training recently using table tennis balls, straws, boxes, jar lids etc. They could make their own Ice cream mountain.

The latest Rugrats movie involves a trip to Paris ( haven't seen it so don't know the details) but you could perhaps expand that idea.
Journey to Paris - make Passports, through Airport, fly to Paris, Metro out to hotel etc. For a metro journey why not get them to line up in pairs, put them in a large loop of rope (the carriage!), blindfold them (it's dark underground and you can't see where you're going!) and take them for a walk out and about.... You could include a trip to the art galleries, challenge them to build a model of the Eiffel Tower, visit Eurodisney, eat loads of yummy french food eg crepes, baguettes, cheese etc before "flying" home.... Also intersperse with "baby" activities....


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