Rugrats Theme Ideas #1

Ideas for Names

Leaders :
Betty (Phil& lill's Mum) (helper/YL/assistant guider)
Angelica (helper/YL/assistant guider)
Charlotte (helper/YL/assistant guider)
Suzie (1st aider)
DeeDee (Guider)
Minca (QM)

Patrols :
The patrols can either be named after the characters -

Or the patrols can named after Rugrats related things:
The Baby Bottles (etc)

Places :
Tommy's Playpen (Main hall for activities)
Minca's Kitchen (Kitchen)
Slumberland or Nap time(Dormatory's)
Spike's Yard (Garden area)
Pickles Home (Hut)
Dills diaper change area (No go zone adults only or toilets)
Potty room (Bathroom)
DeeDee's dining room (dining area)


Activities :

Crafts :
Rattle making : Using yoghurt pots and rice make a rattle by pouring rice inside pot and sealing.
Felt Reptars : Using green felt cut out 2 dinosaur shapes, stuff and sew up and add eyes and teeth.
Badge making : Each girl must make her own character badge to show what patrol she is in.

Suggested games:
Baby Olympics i.e. Crawling race, Dressing up race, Rattle throwing race (using the made rattles)
Diaper relay ( in sixes, using the girls towels make a nappy by wrapping the towel round the sixer, the sixer must then do a relay run and the girl at the opposite end must put on the nappy and run back (and so on).
Flick Pea race (THIS ACTIVITY MUST BE DONE INDOORS IN ORDER TO SEE PEA) using a spoon collect a pea and flick it as far across the room as you can the winner is the one who gets the pea furthest.


Meal ideas :

Chicken Dinosaurs and salad/chips (represents Reptar)
Phil and Lill's mud pie's (Chocolate ice cream decorated with jelly worms)

"Baby foods" (normal food but with baby food names.)


More ideas on the Rugrats theme....


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