Royal Palaces Wide Game

The Queen needs her crown for the Coronation. But when the Beefeaters come to get it out of the Tower, oh horror, the jewels are missing! Where can they be? Seek in the Royal Palaces where they may have dropped out. Perform the task required to gain jewels. When you have visited all 8 palaces, or time is up, return to your subcamp to examine your gains. Who will have the real jewels? Can the crown be completed for the Coronation?
Beware the Beefeaters and their searchlights - they may demand one of your jewels if you cannot answer their question correctly.

NB Ten minute time limit at each base
“Jewels” to be awarded for achieving the target.

Beefeaters wandering around, dark clothes, red fluorescent tape to make a pattern. Ask questions - if get answer wrong, can reclaim a jewel.


Using the materials provided, complete a Union Flag card.

Each team to be given : 1 piece blue card, 4 pieces red, 1 piece white (white not cut to size) 1 copy of description Stencils numbered 1 - 4.
Pencils, scissors, pritt sticks and sellotape available.
Aim is to make a fold out Union Flag like the one in the plastic folder.

Buckingham Palace

Play Pelmanism with the cards provided. How many pairs can your team get?

Take turns between teams (ie team A girl 1 then team B girl 1 etc) Each girl to turn over only one couple of cards at each go even if they match.
Aim is for team to achieve ten pairs in time limit.

(Match capitals/countries/flag/landmark or symbol. Cards had shape of country as background.)


Use the rods to hook up the pictures and hang them in the right place on your board.

Finished product should be a Royal family tree. (incomplete!)
Aim is to hang all pictures in right place. Girls to take turns, moving picture to another place counts as one turn.


Clock golf. Team effort to get ball into each can in turn.

Take turns to putt the ball into each of the 12 cans, starting at 1 o’clock.

Aim is to succeed at all 12.

Hampton Court

Each negotiate the maze and ring the bell at the centre. While you are waiting for your turn, can you beat the mini maze?

Each girl to make her way through the maze to the centre and ring the bell. Take turns between teams (Team A girl 1, team B girl 1, etc)
Aim is for all to complete. While waiting use the mini puzzles.


The Queen and Prince Philip are waiting for their nightcaps. Move the cups along the string without spilling.

In turn, move the cup along the string to the far end without spilling.
Aim is for all to achieve this. Continue to time limit even if there are spills.

Kensington Palace

Can your team negotiate the mine field without stepping on a mine?

One team at a time. Hold hands, (use only small torch provided). Walk across the designated area without treading on a noisy object.

St James Palace

Polo with a difference - can your polo reach the other end of the string in time?

Each to blow her polo along the string to the far end. Staggered start.
Aim is for all to reach the far end within the time limit.

Tower of London

Build a ballista and attack the walls - can you get your ball in through the window?

Make ballista according to the diagram - take turns to shoot balls at the windows in the Tower.
Aim is for one ball to hit a window.

Westminster Abbey

Follow the instructions and make a crown for one of your team. Does it fit?

Use the diagrams to make a crown for one of the team. Then decorate. It may not fit as the paper is really a little too small.


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