? ? ? ? ? ? ? Rangers : Unit Charter 2000 - 2001

All Guide units (Brownies/Guides/Rangers) have been asked to draw up a "Unit Charter" outlining the basic running of the unit. This document has been drawn up by and represents the consensus of the members; it will be reviewed at least once a year and more often should the need arise.

In common with the rest of the Guide Association and WAGGGS, ????????? Rangers aims to foster the personal development of the individual whilst encouraging community awareness and good citizenship at local, national and international level and, following the instructions of our Founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, to HAVE FUN!!! whilst doing so.  
??????????? Rangers will meet every ??????????? during school term time in ???????? from ??? to ???? pm. On special occasions these times may be varied but notice will be given in advance. During exam periods, meetings may be reduced to fortnightly, but in any case, school work MUST come first.
May be varied e.g to fortnightly during exam periods etc.
Because of the required adult/girl ratio (for insurance) the unit size has to be limited to a maximum of 24 girls.
Fixed - outside our control (Current membership 19)
?????????? Rangers is open to any girl over the age of 14 who lives in the ????????? Guiding Division - the area between ????? and ?????? and south to ???????? She does not necessarily have to have been a Guide or Brownie.
Currently, 4 of the girl have never been in Guides before
A weekly subscription of ?? is payable to cover rent, heating, equipment, materials etc. In addition, an annual Census fee is payable on February 22nd to the Guide Association to cover insurance etc. (this does NOT come to the unit) - this is currently 11 per girl but may be varied and is outside our control.
Discount for paying termly in advance - 10 per term.
Outside events

Any outside trips (cinema, bowling, meals out etc.) must be paid for in full before the event. We will endeavour to subsidise camps etc. as far as funds allow.

Fundraising events for special occasions, equipment etc. are for the benefit of EVERY member of the unit and so all members should endeavour to attend.

The Guides are a uniformed organisation. We do not, however, expect full uniform to be worn at weekly meetings but once a Ranger has been enrolled she should wear her Promise badge to meetings. For special occasions where the girls are in public as Rangers they should have at least a Ranger/Young Leader sweatshirt or other uniform top and wear navy trousers or jeans, plus Unit necker when available.  
School work comes first. That said, we meet early for precisely that reason - the majority of the girls should be home by 8 and still have time to do homework. It SHOULDN'T be left until the night before it is due to be handed in anyway! If any girl can't attend a meeting, please ring and let us know so we don't waste time waiting for her.  
???????????? Rangers will have a planning committee consisting of two adult leaders and three Rangers elected by the girls to represent them. The term's programme will be drawn up by this committee and notified in advance; to earn an Octant Certificate the girls need to complete ALL the sections so if any planned meetings are missed they will have to make up an equivalent section in their own time.
Ideas! Input!
Outside events, trips and visits all require written parental permission for Rangers under 18 and in some instances (holidays, camps etc.) a signed health declaration. There is NO medical condition which will exclude any of the girls from our activities (apart from infectious disease!) so please LET US KNOW about asthma, allergies, diabetes, eczema, epilepsy, heart conditions…….etc. etc. etc. Signed forms should be returned before the event (usually by a specified date.)  


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