1. Meetings: We meet every ? ? ? ? ? ? ? during term-time, from ? ? ? ? ? ? pm in ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? .

2. Aim: We will aim to provide opportunities for our members to meet new friends, share time with each other, try new activities and pursue personal achievement. (This includes the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme, Young Leaders, Guide Association Leadership scheme, Look Wider and Queen's Guide Award scheme).

3. Membership: A new member may be enrolled when she is happy to make her promise and the Guider believes she understands the Guide Law and intends to keep her promise.

4. Finance: We will pay a subscription each term to cover the cost of rent, census, the Guider's expenses and most unit meeting activities. Trips, residentials and expensive activities may incur extra cost. We will seek to raise funds to subsidise the purchase of equipment and the level of subscriptions.

5. Residentials: We will offer at least one camp and at least one holiday each year. At least one residential will be in conjunction with ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

6. Uniform:

  • 6.1. At ordinary unit meetings, we will wear a uniform top whenever possible. The rest of our clothing may be any colour, but must be decent.
  • 6.2. On residentials, and for outdoor or messy meetings when the public cannot see us, we will wear a ranger-coloured top (not necessarily uniform), and the rest of our clothing may be any colour but must be decent.
  • 6.3. For trips when the public may see us, e.g. bowling, cinema or travelling to and from residentials, we will wear a uniform top and our promise badge.
  • 6.4. For smart occasions, such as Church Parade, we will wear full uniform: uniform top, badge tab, neckerchief, and dark coloured smart trousers or skirt (not too short).
  • 6.5. We have an optional neckerchief which is sapphire blue with a peony red border.
  • 6.6. We can choose whether to wear the Ranger badge tab (or Young Leader one if appropriate).

7. Attendance:

  • 7.1. We will attend ordinary unit meetings as often as we can. If we cannot, we will try to give apologies in advance to someone who is going.
  • 7.2. We will try to attend fundraisers, Thinking Day and other extraordinary unit meetings if at all possible. If we cannot we will give apologies in advance and try to help out in some other way, perhaps by doing extra preparation.
  • 7.3. We will attend Church Parade and other such occasions according to our own personal beliefs.

8. Behaviour:

  • 8.1. Smoking, drinking alcohol and bad swearing during unit meetings are uanacceptable.
  • 8.2. On residentials, smokers must respect the wishes of others in deciding when and where to smoke.
  • 8.3. On residentials, going to the pub or drinking off-site is unacceptable. Drinking alcohol on-site may only be permitted if the Guider knows who is drinking, what is being drunk, where it is being drunk and in what quantity and gives consent. Drinking alcohol is only acceptable in moderation.
  • 8.4. We will always try to tolerate others' personality, beliefs and morals. Abuse of any kind, whether physical, verbal or emotional is unacceptable. Bitching is not Guiding behaviour. We will abide by the guidelines in the Safe From Harm leaflet.
  • 8.5. We will not abuse the Rangers' joint email or website. We will not make changes to the website without first consulting the other members. We will not divulge the password to non-members.
  • 8.6. We will always try to remember our Ranger promise and the Guide Law.
  • 8.7. We understand that major or persistent abuse of the behaviour section of this charter may result in exclusion.


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