Some Games for Rainbows

Equipment: one blanket for every 4-5 girls
Divide into groups of 4-5 girls Each group kneels together at one end of the room and is covered by a blanket to make the tortoise. They have to get to the other end of the room moving on their hands and knees and staying under the blanket.

Equipment: blanket
"Wombats walk" - the girls crawl round in a circle
"Wombats stop" - the girls stop
"Wombats sleep" - the girls put their heads down with their eyes closed
The leader covers one of the girls with the blanket
"Wombats wake up" - the other girls open their eyes, sit up and guess who is covered.

Equipment: bean bag or small ball
Rainbows sit in a circle.
One player holds the Hot Dog (bean bag).
A leader acts as Counter and stands outside the circle, facing away from it.
The Hot Dog is passed round the circle while the Counter counts to herself up to number she has already decided on secretly.
Then she shouts "Hot Dog". Whoever is holding the bean bag is the new Counter.

Equipment: large ball
Rainbows stand in a large circle and bounce the ball to each other, calling out who the ball is for; ie. "This ball is for .....".

The Rainbows sit cross-legged on the floor.
Each player puts her hands on the knees of the players on either side of her. One player starts the game by tapping once on the knee of the girl on her left. This tap is repeated by each hand in turn round the circle. If a girl makes a mistake, she puts that hand behind her back and only uses the other hand. When a player wishes to change the direction, she must tap twice on her neighbours knee.

You need to make some equipment for this game: One flower shape per girl (about the size of a saucer) and one bee shape (smaller than the flowers). You could make these out of wrapping paper, or just coloured card. Then laminate or cover with sticky back plastic for durability.
To play: Lay the flowers on the floor and hide the bee under one of them.
The Rainbows stand in a circle round the flowers, then hold hands and move round in the circle saying: Buzzy, buzzy, buzzy bee Buzz if you like but don't sting me. Then each girl picks up a flower -the one with the bee underneath is stung.
Play a few times and see if anyone has avoided being stung.

This game comes from Australia.
One Rainbow is mother kangaroo.
She stands at one end of the room. Everyone else lines up at the other end.
They creep up to mother kangaroo saying:
" Humpitty, Lumpitty, hop and go one
What are you doing out there in the sun? "

If mother kangaroo says an action such as walking, skipping, hopping, etc, the Rainbows must go back to the beginning doing that action.
If she says running, she chases the Rainbows to the other end and anyone caught becomes a baby kangaroo and helps catch next time.


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