Peter Pan camp or holiday theme


GiC : Peter Pan
Asst.G : Tinkerbell
QM: Wendy
First-Aider : Nana
YL : John
YL : Michael

You could use Captain Hook and Mr. Smee as GiC and Asst. if you want!!


Indian Village
Mermaid Lagoon
Pirate Cave (or Pirate ship)
Lost Boys' Camp


Lost Boys

  • Shadow painting - Wendy tried to sew Peter's shadow back on. Have one girl stand still and a second paint her shadow on paper - you'd need to organise a strong light source, but it would be fun!!!
  • Crocodile from salt dough. (Having discovered model magic since I would use that instead!)
  • Plaster casts of animal foot prints. (We had a game based around 'the Indians' tracking.)
  • Make a Wendy house out of natural materials (if at camp) or scrap/recycled materials (if on PH.)
  • Dressing-up - as Red Indians, Pirates and Mermaids - make accessories as a craft activity.
  • Make totem pole out of old boxes / containers and scrap materials
  • The most memorable part of the weekend was the food fight we had. The girls got dressed up in old clothes, shower caps and bin liners to keep themselves clean. They made 'cakes' out of mashed potato (could use "Smash") with food colouring in it. They stood in two lines, shouted 'Grace' and then flicked potato (not at each others heads!) using spoons. (If you've seen Hook you'll know what we were recreating.) Very messy but very, very great fun!
  • Everyone HAS to have a teddy bear (Michael has his...)
  • "Crocodile" game - click here for explanation
Food Normal camp/PH fare, but give it suitable names : Mermaids Tails = Fish Fingers; Captain Hook's fingers = sausages etc.


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