Pax Lodge is the Guides' World Centre in London, England. The first London World Centre was Our Ark, opened just five years after the first World Centre, Our Chalet. It stayed open throughout World War II despite the bombing, but eventually Our Ark became just too small for its purpose and Pax Lodge was opened in 1991.

London is a very popular tourist destination for Guides and Girl Scouts from all over the world, and is an ideal city to visit to combine sightseeing of world-famous landmarks and historical sites with sites from the very birth of the Guide and Scout movements.

Pax Lodge has its own website - - with everything you need to know if you want to pay them a visit, but one or two things need to be noted first :

  • Only girls aged 14½ and over can stay at Pax Lodge - if your party has members under that age you will need to stay in or near London (try the Youth Hostels, as hotels in London can be very expensive) and pay a visit to Pax Lodge while you're there.
  • You need to book in advance to visit Pax Lodge- it's no good just turning up.
  • Thinking day is particularly busy so book early if you want to visit Pax Lodge in February
  • Don't forget to visit the Guide Association's HQ on Buckingham Palace Road while you're in London - there is an excellent interactive display about Guiding, suitable for all ages.


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