Your Patrol, an advertising agency has been presented with a problem.
Well, two actually: there is a big shortage of Guide leaders in your area, and you need to attract more adults to become leaders. Secondly, outside of your area, there is a new Guide company who is looking for more members.
You cannot solve the problem by moving the small Guide company into your area!
So there are two individual problems you need to solve.

You have 100 to spend on an advertising campaign and you need to decide how you are going to spend your money and plan your campaign. You do not need to spend all your money, but you can if you wish.

You can choose any combination of the following:

50 - will get you a television advertisement. It will go to both areas. You need to plan your commercial and perform it. You can try to cover both problems if you wish.

30 - will get you a radio ad. This will go to both areas. You will need to plan you radio ad. Remember that your audience can't see you, so the words and sounds will have to be good!

25 - will get you a big billboard. You will need a good short slogan and maybe a picture. This will go to both areas.

20 - will buy you a poster campaign. Design your poster. You can put more detailed information on a poster than a billboard, but it can only go to one area, so you might like to do two or more.

10 - will buy you a postcard drop, which can only go to one area, so you might like to do one for both. You can design your postcard similarly to your poster, but you only have a small area.

5 - will pay for stickers. They can go to both areas, but won't get you much attention unless they are very good.

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