Our Cabaņa

Our Cabaņa is the Guides' World centre in Mexico and is the overseas Centre most frequently visited by Guides from the USA and Canada. It is two miles outside Cuernavaca and 47 miles from Mexico City, right in the very hear of the country.

Our Cabaņa has its own website - www.ourcabana.org - with everything you need to know if you want to pay them a visit, but one or two things need to be noted first :

  • Only girls aged 13 and over can stay at Our Cabaņa and the period you can stay is limited to 8 days.
  • It is traditional to sing "Our Cabaņa Song" when you visit - verse 1 in English then repeated in Spanish, then verse 2 in English and Spanish then verse 3 in English. You can find both the words and the music on this page so you can learn it in advance!
  • Progammes at Our Cabaņa are usually the themes of international friendship and team building, and involve an element of service in the local community.


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