Nellie the Performing Elephant

This sketch requires two for the "elephant" (under a blanket or towel as in a pantomime horse, except that the "front" of the "elephant" swings an arm around as a "trunk") and a "trainer" for the elephant.

The trainer introduces Nellie with much hype - she can ham it up as much as she likes - and then asks for a volunteer from the audience.

This volunteer is persuaded to lie down and Nellie makes a great show of stepping over the volunteer without treading on them - swaying, near misses, etc, but she doesn't tread on them. Applause from audience.

Now Nellie is going to walk over TWO volunteers - once it is shown that she won't tread on anyone, the second and third volunteers usually come out easily, but do be prepared to pick on someone if needed!

Finally, select your REAL victim and place at the end of the line : Nellie carefully picks her way along the line until Nellie's "hind legs" are in place and the cup of water she has been concealing comes into play - "ooh, Nellie, NAUGHTY girl - so sorry, but she isn't properly house-trained." Lumps of chocolate cake or ginger pudding are also very effective here!

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