The National Scout and Guide Symphony Orchestra

The National Scout and Guide Symphony Orchestra (NSGSO) is open to members of Girlguiding UK (and the Scout Association) between the ages of 13 and 25. You should be proficient (a rough guide is grade 5) in at least one orchestral instrument.

The orchestra holds a week long course every summer, culminating in two concerts. The course includes section tuition from professional tutors as well as lots of rehearsing and some other activities such as swimming, climbing, crafts and visits. The course is held in a different venue each year.

The official page is at and details of the next course should be there. Don't be put off by the cost - it's perfectly valid to fundraise or apply for help from local charities if you can't find the money.

On a more personal note the NSGSO is a fantastic experience and I'd recommend it to anyone. The members and staff are friendly and very supportive of new members. The music is challenging but you won't be under the same pressure to "perform" that is found in some other youth orchestras. In short, give it a go!

Applications for a place in this year's (2003) National Scout and Guide Symphony Orchestra close at the end of January, details and application forms are available from the website (see above.)
Woodwind and Brass particularly can be very competitive, any String players with orchestral experience and at a standard above Grade 5 will probably get a place. Percussionists are also needed.

Please remember to send in your form in time!


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