Music Quiz
submitted by the girls of 2nd Pendle Forest Guides via their Guider

1. How many members are there in Blue?
2. How many members are there in Blazin' Squad?
3. What is Madonna's new single called?
4. What is Kylie's sister called?
5. Who left SClub 7?
6. And what is their latest single called?
7. Who has a single called 'A rush of blood to my head?
8. Who won the 'Smash Hits' on T4?
9. What does BRIT stand for in the 'Brit Awards'?
10.What was Kylie's first ever hit?
11. Who does the Radio 1 Breakfast show?
12. Which ex-spice girl has a single called 'not such an innocent girl?
13. Who sung 'Just like a pill'?
14. Who sung 'Bag it up'?
15. Who won the best British solo male at the Brit Awards 2002?


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Music Quiz Answers

1. 4 members
2. 10
3. Die another day
4. Danni Minogue
5. Paul
6. I'm getting so alive
7. Cold Play
8. Westlife
9. British Record Industry
10. Locomotion
11. Sara Cox
12. Victoria Beckham
13. Pink
14. Gerri Halliwell
15. Robbie Williams