Monsters Inc camp/PH theme

  • G-I-C : Mike
  • Asst.: Sully
  • QM : Celia
  • YL : Boo
  • Unit Helper : Randall
  • Boo's Bedroom
  • The Cupboards
  • The Scare Factory
  • Crafts : make monster masks, monster costumes (like they did for Boo).
  • Monster scarers to hang on tents or door knobs; "scream collectors" out of junk (toilet roll tubes, yoghurt pots, etc.)
  • Dreamcatchers - they trap nightmares and ensure undisturbed sleep...
  • Wide Game
  • Lots of commercial "Monsters Inc" stuff available.
  • Give "normal" camp / PH fare "Monster" names - Scully's Spaghetti, Mike's Mash and Mince, etc.
  • Use food colourings for unusual effects (e.g. blue mashed potatoes!)


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