Lord Of The Rings Wide Game

You have all been invited to Gandalf's leaving party. At the party he sets you a challenge and sets you off on your journey into Middle Earth. Along the way you will find different tasks set for you by Gandalf to make sure you are up to the journey. Watch out for the Dark Riders who will try and stop you completing your tasks. The group must all work and stay together.


  • A challenge from Gandalf at the party : make a hot air balloon*/^
  • Get to Bree from the Shire,
  • Can you sniff out the Dark Rider? (Have a Ranger /Leader around, preferably somewhere they can't be avoided)
  • In Bree find / meet Strider who will teach you a skill needed for your journey : Compass directions+ and how to use a compass+, gives them directions using this kind of method (you know, ten paces east, twenty paces on a bearing of 100 Degrees)
  • These directions will take them to Weathertop
  • When they get to Weathertop they make up a poem about weather forecasting^,
  • And then head off in a hurry to Rivendell, following a trail* that Gandalf left them, a ropes course or unnatural trail which take them to Moria
  • At Moria, where they make a Treasure map+ for another patrol to find their stashed mithril.
  • then
  • Make and fly a kite^ on the banks of the Anduin (either to be the flying Dark Rider or to do the whole Seat of Seeing bit - or some challenge to keep them busy while Frodo makes up his mind .
  • Depending on what the lifeboat game+ has it while on the Anduin - they think they've reached Rauros (the rapids) before they have, but take on different roles.
  • Finally they reach Lothlorien and chill out under the stars ^

*Activities from Adventure out

+ Activities from Go 4 It - Get Practical

^ Activities from Flights of Fancy

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