Organising an international evening

Firstly you need to decide between 2 main options :
a) focus on one country
b) look at one or more topics in lots of countries.

One country :
Start by collecting information, pictures, maybe souvenirs from your chosen country.
You could include

  • a map
  • postcards
  • pictures of landmarks (look in travel brochures or on Internet)
  • a dozen words or phrases
  • popular sports
  • traditional crafts
  • famous people
  • animals (pictures, not the real thing!!)
  • flag
  • Guides/Girl Scouts
  • recipes
  • religion
  • dates of special days
  • costume
  • climate
  • exports to Britain
  • music

It's a good idea to make a large poster/display about your country and then write a quiz so that everyone will look at your display to find the answers.

Around the World
Choose a few topics which interest you, e.g. costumes, Girlguiding/scouting, sport, wildlife, maps, flags, food, traditional crafts, music, languages etc. It's very useful if you have a collection e.g. of costume dolls, postcards, coins.

Collect information, pictures, maps, souvenirs, recipes etc.

Be sure you can name and locate the continents, and that you can identify the regions of WAGGGS.

Arrange a date with the PLC
Choose a variety of activities based on your research.
Try to include a mix of games, learning, making something, and eating and drinking.
Write a list of equipment needed for each activity.

Talk to your Guider about what you already have in stock, such as craft materials.
Start collecting your equipment, remember to add things to the family shopping list well in advance.

Food - will you just buy some ready made; or make it at home and bring it, or will you bring the ingredients to cook at the meeting?
How will you eat the food? With fingers, forks, chopsticks? Round tables? sitting on the floor?
Maybe you could lay it out on a table with appropriate decorations.

Decide whether everyone will do the activities at the same time, or whether you will run a circuit, or whether you will provide the activities for girls to dip into in any order.
Trial anything new at home or with your friends. Be sure how long each activity will take.

Can you create a complete programme, with a time filler ?
Will you need helpers to supervise any activities?
If so, talk to your Guider.
Make sure you plan the whole evening.
Will there be a flag ceremony? Which flag?
Will there be an official closing? Will you have a prayer, or a reading?
Will you sing Taps (maybe in the appropriate language) ?

Are you planning to pass any clauses in an interest badge during this evening? Can others pass too? If so, tell your Guider in advance.

What will everyone wear? If its not ordinary uniforms, girls will need 2 weeks notice.
Will the girls need to bring anything? Please tell them in writing at least 2 weeks in advance.

Remember that help is available.
If, for example you'd like to sing a national song, you might ask your Guider if she has the music, and whether someone can play for you.
If you'd like to prepare food during the evening, you might ask if one of the leaders could supervise this in the kitchen for you.

Guiders can judge fancy dress or other competitions.

You are being asked to organise an evening, not stress yourself out trying to be in 6 places at the same time!

Now that you've made all the decisions, please give a written plan to your Guider the week before, so that she has an idea what to expect, and can point out anything which you may have overlooked. etc.

You can download these ideas here : right-click and select "Save As....


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