(started life as Cowboys-and-Indians, but nobody wanted to be cowboys!)


Ideas for Names

Big Chief Falling Down (GIC)
Little Chief Running Nose (QM)
Medicine Man (First-Aider)
Minne-ha-ha-ha - Unit Helper


The girls then went on to adopt individual names, some less authentic than others!



Crafts : Bead work; bows and arrows, moccasins (we got hold of a lot of leather offcuts), model tepees, canoes and totem poles etc.. Each patrol also made a large totem pole for outside their tent.

Outdoor activities : pioneering – rope bridges, BIG tepee (not very successful), backwoods cooking. Every camp-fire song vaguely related to the theme – Land of the Silver Birch, We are the Red Men (not PC, I gather, but it doesn’t have the same perjorative meaning in the UK), Take me back to the Black Hills, I’m an Indian too, Black Crow’s Spirit. Tracking in the woods,

Camp Challenges : invent pictograph language and send messages to another patrol / unit; costumes for Patrol mascots or own teddy bear, decorate patrol tent, scavenger hunt etc.


Menu Planned in advance, so the cowboys got in here – Cowboy’s Breakfast (Bacon and beans), Chuck-wagon Chow (remarkably similar to corned-beef chuck-in), Root Beer etc.. We also ate "Pemmican," "buffalo stew" etc.

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