Ideas for Names

Leaders :
Prof. Dumbledore(GIC)
Prof. Sprout (QM)
Prof. Snape (First-Aider)
Hagrid (Unit Helper)
Hermione(Young Leader)

Patrols : patrol allocations made by the "Sorting Hat"
Ravenclaw (only use Slytherin if you absolutely have to!)
or use 'classes' e.g.
T ransfiguration,
Muggle studies,
Magical creatures etc.

Patrol tents - Hogwarts
Guider's tents - Beauxbatons
Store tents - Honeydukes
Cooking/Dining Area - High Table
First-Aid Tent - Herbarium


Crafts :
'Spider' fantastic creatures - pom poms with assorted coloured wool, then four pipe cleaners pushed through the hole just before cutting the wool to make the pom poms, then eyes glued to the wool ends.
HP finger puppets - they made Harry Potter (zig zag scar), Hermione (lots of brown wool hair), and Ron Weasley (a shock of red wool hair).
Make broomsticks, magic wands and wizard's hats, then practice simple magic tricks ready to perform

Issue House Points for anything and everything!

Outdoor games :
Harry Potter Wide Game : devised by Usk Rangers - detailed instructions here
Quidditch for Muggles : courtesy of Harvington Guides - detailed instructions here.


"Potions" - colour drinks with food colourings
Jelly beans (Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans)

Don't have meals - have Feasts!! Make a performance of serving the meals at the "High Table"

Any more ideas for this very popular theme will be greatly welcomed!!
Just email me direct....

Real aficionados might enjoy the Harry Potter Timeline

There are instructions for making a Hedwig the Owl wallhanging here

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