You've found out that the famous Philosopher's Stone is hidden somewhere at Hogwarts. You know that the evil Voldemort is trying to find it - can you reach it before he does?

The Philosopher's stone is guarded by traps and puzzles laid by various of the school teachers. You'll have to be alert at all time to safely make your way through to the stone - oh and make sure that Filch and Mrs Norris don't catch you where you shouldn't be ...

Note to Guiders: There are 5 bases that the girls move round in sixes. The first five bases may be tackled in any order. When all bases have been successfully completed you move onto base 6 which is Dumbledore's puzzle. Suggest that groups start at bases 1, 2 and 4 and move round in order.

Base 1 (Read aloud)
You need to get past Fluffy, a ferocious 3 headed dog that Hagrid thinks is cute! Luckily you know that Fluffy goes to sleep when music is played. You each need to make a musical instrument and, as a group, play and sing a song.

Note to Guiders: The group is provided with a variety of materials to make things that make noise! Each team member must make an "instrument" and the team must then agree on and sing and make "music" to any song. Only then will Fluffy go to sleep. Please put the materials back in the bag for the next group after finishing.

Base 2 (Read aloud)
Professor Sprout has created a vast forest of dangerous looking plants. Most of them aren't even in your herbology text books! To get through the forest you need to follow the trail of Tracker grass (string trail). Unfortunately as there are so many plants you'll have to rely on touch alone.

Note to Guiders: A string trail is laid around the grounds. A blindfold is provided for each member of the group. The group must follow the string trail using their hands. Guiders should watch out for any possibly collisions! (Please return blindfolds to the beginning for the next group)

Base 3 (Read aloud)
You have no idea where to go next. In order to carry on you will need to make a Transporter potion. Professor Snape has left a number of potions here, but they have all lost their labels. Hermione knows that a Transporter potion is made from lemon and strawberry - but which bottles contain these?

Note to Guiders: A number of bottles containing "smelly things" are provided. The group need to smell each one and decide (between themselves) which two are lemon and strawberry. They do not need to make the potion - merely indicate which two bottles are required.

Base 4 (Read aloud)
Everyone be quiet! Mrs Norris is prowling about. You're all supposed to be in your Charms lesson, not sneaking round the school! You need to make your way through the next part VERY QUIETLY. If you make a noise you'll probably get detention!

Note to Guiders : an area of dried leaves and twigs etc lies before you. The girls must take it in turns to walk across it. If the Guider hears a noise, she should send them back to the beginning. Every member of the group must cross successfully before the group moves on.

Base 5 (Read aloud)
Something is strange here ... There are lots of mixed up pictures and they make no sense! Sounds like Divination! To move on you'll need to make sense of all the pictures.

Note to Guiders: There is a bag full of greetings cards, each cut into four pieces. The girls need to reassemble all the cards to be allowed to continue. (please mix up and put back in the bag for the next group after completing)

Base 6 (Only to be attempted when bases 1-5 have been completed) (Read aloud)
Professor Dumbledore never does anything simply. He's left important information about the Philosopher's Stone, but its all in code!! Can you work out what his message means?

Note to Guiders: There are 6 code cards for each group. The key to the code is scattered round the grounds on yellow cards. Please tell the girls not to move the cards, but just to write down what they see.

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