Professor Dumbledore has been the victim of a powerful spell from a dark side wizard, and is in a deep sleep from which no-one can wake him.

Each 'house' has to complete four tasks to gain items that will help them revive their beloved headmaster. To help them on their quest they have two galleons to spend in the Goblin's Shop in Diagon Alley.
On offer are :

Magic wands (10 sickles),
Nimbus 2000 broomsticks (1 galleon),
Cauldrons (5 sickles),
Bertie Botts All Flavoured beans (2 sickles),
an invisibility cloak (10 sickles),
and two books of spells (1 galleon each), one containing a bodybind spell and a daylight spell, the other containing a leg-lock curse and a disarming charm.
Also on offer is a fairy, at 2 galleons. This is a rather nasty item as all it gave them was one of the leader's young children to take round with them! (Well according to the book of fantastic creatures Fairies really aren't much use at all!)

Each item or spell could only be used once and was removed from the group after use.

Four challenges were set:
Fantastic beasts have magical properties - find three different mini-fantastic beasts, identify them and the very names will confer power to the final spell. (A bug-collecting base - bug boxes, 'pooter', decent identification books. We insisted on releasing the bugs after identification following good practice guidelines. This could also work as a pond dipping activity)

Gather some unicorn hair, famous for it's life-giving properties (a 'my little pony'). A difficult thing to achieve - on site was an assault course so we used part of this as the path they had to follow - and the Unicorn den was guarded by chess pieces (strategically placed leaders with water pistols!). The 'house' could decide to avoid the assault course by using the broomstick to fly over it, use the invisibility cloak to hide themselves from the chessmen, or put locking curses on them, or disarming charms.

Obtain a Common Welsh Dragon egg (a painted hens egg) from the dragon's lair. On arrival at the base the house were told that night had fallen, so they all had to be blindfold (could have countered this with the daylight charm.. but no-one did!). They then had to follow a string 'trail' to the dragon's lair - but encountered a troll (complete with stink bombs, ground crackers, and water bombs!) once all the team were blindfold. They had to work out how to get past the troll - the favourite was to bribe him with Jelly Beans! But again, flying over, bodybind or leglock curses or invisibility cloaks would have worked. Once past the troll, they found the 'lair' and obtained their egg.

At the leaky caldron they had a 'left handed' curse put on them, so they had to make a potion (lemonade, blue food colouring, and some chopped fruit) to help revive poor old Professor Dumbledore. To make things more difficult the receipe was written backwards....

Once all bases were completed (this took about an hour.. ), the houses reconvened to exchange the Dragon Egg for a reviving incantation for Prof Dumbledore.. the fantastic beasts names were added to the chant, the Unicorn hair and the potion given, and Prof Dumbledore re-emerged through a cloud of smoke.....

PS We know the trade in Dragon Eggs is illegal, but it was the only trade the dodgy dark side wizard would accept....


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