Harry Potter Activities

Make your own uniform - hats from card, cloaks from bin bags, wands from dowelling.

Make House badges - cut up HP wrapping paper (available from WH Smiths) and mount on card/funky foam)

Make model boats/rafts to cross moat.

Potions: make soap, bath salts, skin cream etc. A Google search will turn up any number of safe recipes, or try the ones on this site - click here.

Hedwig the Owl wallhanging (click on link.)

Make toadstools for use in potions (Paint woooden doorknob, stick on card/funky foam)

Gather twigs and bind on longer branch to make broomsticks.

Spiders - pom poms with assorted coloured wool, then four pipe cleaners pushed through the hole just before cutting the wool to make the pom poms, then eyes glued to the wool ends.

Care of magical creatures: unicorn and dragon decorations on glass, acetates (to make window hangings)

Golden snitch: make a small golden snitch using a polystyrene ball and paper wings to hang on a Christmas tree; large ones from salt dough with a hole in it, mounted on a CD, as a candle holder.

Astronomy: make place mats out of black card and sticky stars, using constellation diagrams.

'Invisibility cloak' consisting of a rope around each patrol or six and they all have to go everywhere tied up as a bunch! Aragog's web - a rope stretched around picnic chairs and tables and trees and stuff, about a metre off the ground with small bells hanging on it : the girls have to negotiate their way through the web without ringing any bells and all staying within the rope tied around them! Very good fun to watch!

Quidditch for muggles.

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