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The concept of the Hopeless Guiders' Camp is quite simple : the first, original HGC was held in September 2001 after someone on the GuidingUK list said "I didn't know that - I must be a hopeless Guider!" Lots of other Guiders admitted to being hopeless too, so the first Hopeless Guiders' training camp took place in Oxfordshire, with a parallel camp on the same weekend near Sheffield, Yorkshire for those who couldn't travel so far south.

Since those humble beginnings HGCs have blossomed, encompassing camps at all corners of the British Isles, indoor residential trainings on a variety of topics, narrowboating and even a seagoing cruise under sail. In 2004 the HGCs went beyond these shores to Dublin. Many of these HGCs have their own websites (see the list below) and all are, have been or will be advertised on the main GuidingUK email list.

HGCs are for members of the GuidingUK e-list ONLY, so if the idea interests you but you are not a member of the List and would like to join (and are eligible to do so) go to this link and see what you have to do!

GuidingUK Hopeless Guiders' Index

List of HGCs and index to pages / sites where available

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HGC camps and events past, present and proposed*....
Date Title / designation Location Theme
01-03 Sept 2001 HGC(O) Oxfordshire Traditions of Guiding Guide section badge
~ ditto ~ HGC(N) Yorkshire ~ ditto ~
15-17 Mar 2002 HGC2B Berkshire Traditions of the four home countries
27-31 May 2002 HGC Audrey North Sea Sailing cruise
30Aug1 Sept 02 HGC 1st Anniversary Yorkshire  
15-17 Nov 2002 HGC Scotland Netherurd Scottish traditions
28Feb/02Mar 03 HGC Wales Broneirion Back-to-front
23-25 June 2003 HGC Narrowboat(S) Yorkshire Staff only - trial run, not a proper HGC
29-31 Sept 2003 HGC 2nd Anniversary NW London Festivals
28-30 Nov 2003 HGC Leics Leicester Activities
26-28 Mar 2004 HGC Campfire Leicester campfire training
15-18 Apr 2004 HGC Ireland Dublin  
28-30 May 2004 HGC Widegames Midlands Widegames training
25Jun-2 July 04 HGC Narrowboat Yorks/Lancs Trip on the Rochdale Canal
03-05 Sept 2004 HGC 3rd Anniversary Lancashire Mystery weekend
01- 03 Apr 2005 HGC2S Netherurd HGC Scotland II- The Sequel
06-15 May 2005 HGC Narrowboat 2 Yorkshire Narrowboat permit training trip
24-26 June 2005 HGC Golden Oldie Northants. Boguk The Golden Oldie 
26-28 August 2005 HGC 4th Anniversary Coventry  
17-23 Oct 2005 HGC Lorne N. Ireland  
20-22 Jan 2006 HGC London London  
21-23 April 2006 HGC Campfire 2 Milton Keynes  
26-29 May 2006 HGC Wide Games 2 Cosgrove  
30 Jun-3 Jul 2006 HGC Oop North South Shields  
25-27 Aug 2006 HGC 5th Anniversary Surrey  
27-29 October 2006 HGC Scotland 3 Netherurd (Scottish Borders)
I have not received notification of any other HGCs : if your are organising one, please email me direct so I can add it to this list. Simply posting it on the GUK list will not necessarily get the information to me as I am on Digest.
04-06 Sept 2009 HGC Brownsea Brownsea Island Centenary of the Crystal Palace Rally
Other HGC-related web pages
  HGC2b The Boguk Song
    Flossie's babies
  HGC Campfire The song of the Hopeless Guider
  HGC badges Virtual camp blanket

*Please watch the GuidingUK list for details of future camps : once the decision is
made to hold a camp/holiday separate lists will be set up for each individual event.
Please note - you can NOT apply to come on a camp via this website!


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