"Starts" and "Finishes" for Guides

A compilation from the GuidingUK e-list

  1. All our Patrols line up with the PL at the front and the PS at the back. If you stand at 6 o'clock we have a patrol at 1 o'clock, 3 o'clock' , 5 o'clock, 7 o'clock, 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock. The patrol at 1 start and walk around clockwise, they collect the other patrols in turn on the way. When they have got all the way around and then to 7 the PL stops and the next girl walks around her back and stops next to her and so on to form a horse shoe. Sounds complicated but when you do it, it isn't. We don't sing anything but we find that it calms the girls down a lot. At the end we say our county prayer and then sing taps.

  2. We start our Guide meetings with a "Round Table" whole-unit meeting. This takes place once everyone, or everyone who is expected, has arrived; whilst they are drifting in (it usually takes five or ten minutes) the earlier arrivals get the tables out and set out their patrol corners etc., and have a selection of "fillers" in their patrol boxes if they need anything to occupy themselves until it's time to start the meeting proper. Patrol Leaders collect subs as the girls arrive and hand them in when their patrol is complete.
    Once the Round Table has started the girls are reminded of the evening's plans (they help to plan the whole term at the beginning of each term and are given a printout of the timetable, but there is always someone who has forgotten).
    To finish we always have a traditional horseshoe in which we give out badges, certificates notices and reminders and then sing Taps.


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