Please note : these are NOT official Guide Association GFIs
These "GFIs" were all drawn up by members of the GuidingUK group and are intended to supplement the official GFIs, not replace them.

Go 4 It Camp Fire Cooking Go 4 It - I Promise part 1 & part 2
Go 4 It Camping Go 4 It - International
Go 4 It - Communicate! Go 4 It Music Zone Badge
Go 4 It - Communication & Beyond Go 4 It Scotland
Go 4 It and Express Yourself! Go 4 It Streetwise
Go 4 It - Get Moving! Go 4 It UK (in two parts - part 2 here)
Go 4 It - Get Practical  Go 4 It - Water
Go 4 It - Emergencies Go 4 Its for Beginners
Go 4 It - Get Sporty

Go 4 It - World Regions : * NEW Europe ~ Asia/Pacific ~ Arab Region ~ Africa ~ Western Hemisphere

Go 4 It - Get Traditional!

Go 4 It - Narrowboating*
*This GFI was written for a specific BP Challenge event and would need adapting for your own purposes. It presupposes that there will be fully qualified staff on the trip.

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