(like those gazillions of free-Internet-access ones which keep coming through your letterbox........)

Drill 8 small holes at equal distances round the edge of the CD, a little way in from the edge. Thread wool so you end up with 4 loops, pulled tight, on each side. Repeat so there are no spaces.
Start at the middle of one of your eight outer spans. Attach the wool there. Now attach it to the middle of the next span, then the middle of the next, and so on until you are back at the start. Don't pull it TOO tight. The next loop around is smaller and deforms the first. (starts out like 2 but looks like 3 when you tighten it)
Now make the next loop - starting from the centre of one of the spans of your current loop, and moving to the centre of the next, etc. till you're back at the start. As you make this circuit, you should find yourself pulling the last one in a little, and the same for each new circuit. (Like pictures 4 and 5)
The finished Dream Catcher : decorate with beads, small feathers, etc., and hang up to catch all your bad dreams!

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