Dragons have been attacking the Castles in the land of the Minstrels and Jesters.
All the Knights are away on a Crusade.
The real dragon will go away and hide if you can make a shiny dragon to dazzle him.

You will be given a Dragon shape, and by completing the dragon-related tasks you can earn shiny scales to stick on your Dragon shape.

Each base is marked with a Dragon Shape and the Scale you can win is marked on it.

Base 1 : Follow the trail of dragon feet to find the scale you need. (Props : Shiny dragon feet )

Base 2 : Zap the dragon using the bean shooter. Each team member must hit the target once. (Props : Dragon Target, Pea Shooter Peas )

Base 3 : Put out the dragon's flame. You must stay the length of the cane away. (Props : Nightlight, Jar, Cane lengths)

Base 4 : Make a rainbow spinner (Props : Cardboard, Scissors, Markers, Tape, Skewer Pencil, Ruler. String)

Base 5 : Play tiddley winks. Take it in turn to get them all into the dragons lair. (Props : Tiddley Winks, Dragon's Nest)

Base 6 : Rescue the hidden person by finding their name in the puzzle. (Props : Puzzle)

Base 7 : Give the dragon tummy-ache by throwing the bean bags into his mouth. (Props : Dragon with hole, Bean Bags)

Base 8 : Make the shape of St.George's Cross using dominoes on their ends, so that by touching one they all fall. (Props : Dominoes)

Base 9 : Use the magnetic St.George to rescue the maiden from her castle, where she is trapped (Props : "St.George" shape on end of string on cane . "Maiden" with paper clip. Box as castle. - as magnetic fishing game.)


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