Characters and Sound Effects
DRACULA'S COUSIN = I want to drink your blood
BORIS (his servant) = Yes, Master
DRAWBRIDGE = Weeeeeeeeeeeeee Thud
BOY = Aw Shucks
SISTER = Giggle
FROG = Ribbit, Ribbit
POODLE = Yap, yap, yap

Long, long ago, in a country far away, lived DRACULA'S COUSIN .. in a huge castle with a DRAWBRIDGE .. He lived with his servant BORIS and his friend the WEREWOLF .. . The big, grey castle was cold and damp and the DRAWBRIDGE didn't work very well. In the hall of the castle was a giant GRANDFATHER CLOCK . Early one morning, DRACULA'S COUSIN clattered up to the castle on his horse, and went across the DRAWBRIDGE .. . He passed the GRANDFATHER CLOCK on the way to his room, and was just settling down to a nice day's rest in his coffin, when his servant BORIS entered the room. DRACULA'S COUSIN .. said to BORIS "Why do you disturb my rest? What do you want?" BORIS answered "We need some repairs around here. The DRAWBRIDGE squeaks, and the GRANDFATHER CLOCK . only strikes twice". DRACULA'S COUSIN .. said, "Don't bother me, get my friend the WEREWOLF to help you. Now get out!" So BORIS .. started looking all over the castle for the WEREWOLF Meanwhile down in the village the BOY .. and his SISTER . Had just finished breakfast, and were going to play with their friends, the FROG and the POODLE . Pretty soon the FROG . Got tired of playing and hopped away. "Come back," said the BOY .. and he ran after the FROG . Away went the FROG .. away went the BOY and his SISTER .. and the POODLE Up the mountain they ran until they came to DRACULA'S COUSIN'S . Castle. BORIS and the WEREWOLF were working on the DRAWBRIDGE .. Over the DRAWBRIDGE past the GRANDFATHER CLOCK ran the FROG . the BOY .. his SISTER .. and the POODLE with BORIS .. and the WEREWOLF .. following close behind. Up the circular staircase went the FROG . The BOY . His SISTER . The POODLE . BORIS . and the WEREWOLF right into DRACULA'S COUSIN'S bedroom. The FROG .. jumped into the coffin and sat on DRACULA'S COUSIN'S chest and the BOY and his SISTER were really scared. "Who are you", yelled BORIS and the WEREWOLF .. howled. DRACULA'S COUSIN .. sat up, and tossed out the FROG and the POODLE "Why do you disturb my rest?" asked DRACULA'S COUSIN and the GRANDFATHER CLOCK .. struck 2. The BOY and his SISTER were too scared to speak. They picked up their pets and ran from the room. Down the circular staircase ran the BOY his SISTER .. the FROG . And the POODLE with the WEREWOLF . And BORIS .. chasing after them. Past the GRANDFATHER CLOCK and over the DRAWBRIDGE . They ran. Down the mountain and back to the village, they ran until they were safe at home. BORIS .. and the WEREWOLF .. raised the DRAWBRIDGE .. and DRACULA'S COUSIN .. settled back in his coffin, as the GRANDFATHER CLOCK .. struck twice.



Aimed at Brownies / Guides / Senior Section

Pause appropriately at the leader dots to allow the girl to speak / do her action to the sound effects. Divide the participants into nine groups, one for each part.

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