Voyage of the Dawn Treader Wide Game

Base 1 – Setting Sail

Each patrol or six must build a boat using whatever they can find (natural materials or from craft case). The boat should be able to float for at least 20 seconds carrying a load of five pennies. Each boat should have a sail, and extra points will be awarded for any means of propulsion. 15 minutes allowed to complete boats.

Award points out of 10, with a maximum of 7 if it sinks, minimum of 5 if it floats. Points should reflect materials used and six co-operation.

Base 2 – Pirates

One member of the six is nominated as spokesperson and goes on to base 3. The other three must cross an area of forest, about 30 metres long, without being spotted moving by the pirates (2 leaders)

Every six member who reaches the other side of the area without being caught gets 3 points.

Base 3 – Retaking the islands and Rescuing the Prisoners

Following base 2 it is assumed that at least one six member will have been caught. If not then the task should be adapted. The nominated spokesperson from base 2 should make a 30 second speech on why they should get their other six members back from the pirates.

Points for this task should be awarded out of 10 based on argument and coherence, and deducted for the number of ums or equivalent.

Base 4 – The Storm

For this each six must complete the activity area course as a relay. If a Brownie has real difficulty with an obstacle she may skip it, but she will be given a time penalty relevant to the obstacle. The total times for each six are recorded and points awarded as follows: 1st 10 points, 2nd 8, 3rd 6, fourth 4.

Base 5 – Enter the Dragon

This base can be completed while waiting for Base 4 to be free. A dragon should be made out of natural materials. This can be either a collage or a 3D sculpture.

Points should be awarded out of 10 for use of materials and co—operation.

Base 6 – The Dragon’s Hoard

Each six must attempt to answer 10 riddles. 1 point for each correct answer.

Base 7 – Goldwater

Two six members are nominated to retrieve as many gold stones as they can from the pool in 2 minutes. 1 point per stone.

Base 8 – the Dufflepuds

Six members race 50 metres on the space hoppers and their times are recorded. The total times for each six are calculated and points awarded 10/8/6/4.

Base 9 – the Island where Dreams come True

Six members enter the tent. Outside the leader makes 10 noises in random order using the supplied media. The six members must identify each noise and remember them in order. One point for each correct answer.

Base 10 – Aslan’s Table

Each six member must find 3 small marbles and one large one hidden within a designated area. Maximum of 10 minutes. 2 points awarded to each person who has found all their marbles.

Base 11 – The Eastern End of the World

Each six member must be blindfolded and taste the six water samples (salt, tap, distilled, lemonade, flavoured, sparkling). Decide between themselves which sample is which. Two points per correct answer.


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