BOGUK interest badges


Complete ALL clauses

1. Be aware of safety during all DIY or household projects.

Recognise chemical hazard symbols (e.g. toxic, flammable, irritant) and know how to minimise the danger to yourself and others
Recognise hazards in particular environments (e.g. slippery surfaces) and when using equipment such as ladders.
Know about and use safety equipment (e.g. goggles, masks, ear defenders, circuit breakers)
Know how to store potentially hazardous substances such as paint, turps etc
Be aware that there are regulations which limit what an amateur may do - always check before you begin a project.

2. Know how and where to turn off main supplies to the house (e.g. water, electricity, gas) and to isolate individual electrical circuits if necessary.

3. Know how to use at least 6 basic hand and power tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, saws and drills.
Know how to store, clean and maintain your tools and equipment.

4. Carry out a home security & safety survey.
Check that smoke detectors are fitted and operational.
Take action to make the house more secure, such as fitting window locks, marking property with a UV pen or fitting a burglar alarm.

5. Be able to do all of the following:

Change a lightbulb
Fit a plug (correctly wired!) and change a fuse
Bleed a radiator
Test and change the battery in a smoke detector

6. Learn how to deal with at least 4 minor emergencies, and where applicable, how to minimise the chances of them occurring in the first place. e.g.

A blocked sink
A dripping tap
An airlock in water pipes
Frozen pipes
Adjusting the float arm in a cistern or water storage tank
A jammed door or window
Common stains, e.g. ink, wine, coffee on clothing, carpets and upholstery

7. Put up basic shelves or put together a "flat pack" piece of furniture (e.g. cabinet, book case etc)

8. Take an active part in a major DIY project, indoors or out, such as:

Insulate the loft, or fit draughtproofing to windows and doors.
Learn to hang wall paper and paper a room
Prepare and paint the walls of a room, woodwork, windows frames or an item of furniture.
Prepare and tile a wall, surface or surround
Fit a curtain track and valance rail and hang curtains.
Cover a floor with vinyl overlay, tiles, laminate flooring or carpet.
Hang a door and fit or repair locks and other door furniture.
Fit an outside tap
Lay a patio or path.
Build a low wall, barbecue, gate or fence.

You should be involved in the planning of the project, including taking measurements and choosing the right materials and tools for the job.

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