Submitted by Liza of 1st Cranwell (RAF) Brownies



Ideas for Names:-

Leaders :
Rudolph (GIC) ; Pudding (QM) ; Mistletoe - (First Aid) ; Holly - Assistant ; Nutcracker - Assistant

Snowmen, Snowflakes, Doves, Crackers

Holiday Home - Winter Wonderland
Dining Room - Candle's Cafe
Kitchen - Pudding's Parlour
Craft Room - Santa's Workshop
Brownies' Room - Partridge Retreat
Guider's Room - Hollies Hideaway
Wash Area - Grotty Grotto
Toilets - Tree Top Corner
First Aid - Rudolph's Remedies



Father Christmas napkin holders
Stuffed Christmas trees
Three Kings Christmas card
"Father Christmas" trail
Beaded walking sticks
Stained glass windows
Candy cane decoration
Colour in bookmarks and magnets


Menu:- Baubles and Bells with Elf Parcels (cereals, toast and jam)
Shepherds Crooks and Camels Humps (cereals, something on toast)
Partridge Pie and Holly Berries followed by Angel Wings (Full Christmas dinner - turkey, potato's, vegetables, stuffing, yorkshire pudding, mince pies, jam tarts and custard)
Holly Berries with Mistletoe Juice (pizza and chips, sponge pudding, custard or ice cream)
Rudolph Droppings with Stocking Fillers followed by Snowman Sludge (Jacket potato, choice of filling, fruit and cake)
Santa's Sacks and Candle Wick followed by Snowflakes (sandwiches, jelly and ice cream)