Christmas Clipart

Following numerous requests for Christmas clipart, here is a selection for you to download and use as you will. These are all my original illustrations and so I hold the copyright for them. You are, however, welcome to use them for Guiding purposes - all I ask is an acknowledgment and the website URL or a link, whichever is appropriate, if used for official or public use. Obviously, if you are using them for your unit's Christmas party placemats or something similar, don't worry about it!!

Christmas pudding : 5K

Fairy : 5K

Mince Pie : 5K

Christmas Cracker : 18K

Santa : 9K
All wreaths 6K

Santa : 10K

Candles : 19K

Christmas tree : 14K

Snowman outline 6K (reduced to less than half size - full image 389 x 700)

Both stars 3K

Fairy lights : 8K

Snowmen : 5K

Snowflake : 14K

To copy any of these images right-click on them and select "Save Target As..." from the drop-down menu.

All images copyright © Dianne Davies 2002 - 2004. All rights reserved.

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