Campfire's Burning

This is probably the best-known campfire song of them all. Sung as either a two-part or four-part round, it is a very effective way of starting off a campfire.

Tune : London's Burning

Click to stop and start the music

Alternative music link : left-click here

Start the "parts" of the rounds off as follows :
for a two-part round use the red* asterisks
for a four-part round use the green* asterisks.

**Campfire's burning, campfire's burning,
*Draw nearer, draw nearer,
**In the gloaming, in the gloaming,
*Come sing and be merry.

Repeat as many times as you see fit - you may need to "conduct" in order to keep everyone in time at first, but it's a very simple round and they soon get the hang of it!

For the music played as a round, use the controls below :

Alternative music link : left-click here

For a "signed" BSL version of this song, click here

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