"Starts" and "Finishes" for Brownies

A compilation from the GuidingUK e-list

  1. We usually start with the Brownies in their six lines at the end of the Hall then each week a different six leads off into a circle singing the Brownie song. I hope to teach them their six song which I found on this web site, so each six can sing their song when its their turn to start. We usually finish in the fairy ring with a brownie in the centre with her eyes shut while l start sending a smile round when the Brownie in the middle says stop, the Brownie with the smile keeps it all week and goes in the middle the next week. We do the same with a gentle squeeze and finally finish with Brownie Bells.

  2. We start Brownies by getting the girls in a Brownie Circle but on chairs. If it is subs week we collect that first. Then we send the girls off to sleep. After a while the person running the meeting jumps up and says "Twit Twoo." The Brownies jump up clap their hands and shout "Pack" as loud as they can. The Guider then says "Who are You?" Brownies reply happily and loudly " We are the Brownies of (insert pack full name) Pack" The Guider then says "What are you?" Brownies reply "We are little people that do good turns everyday with out anybody knowing." We then do the Brownie song with the girls clapping. Then sit down and have pow wow with news etc.
    To end the meeting we stand in the Brownie circle, hand out badges etc, then we ask a Brownie to pick a number between 1 and 10 and then link fingers count to that number and do Brownie Bells. We then do "Squeeze" in which the girl who has squeeze starts by telling us about her and "Squeeze's" week then she squeezes the next girls little finger and it goes around the circle thus. The girl then gives it to another Brownie and it's name is the first word out of her mouth. The leaders all say "Goodnight" together and the Brownies reply. We also issue the usual warnings about waiting with us until parents arrive etc.

  3. We finish our Brownie meetings by standing in the Brownie Ring for notices etc. If it is any girl's birthday during the coming week, she has to hop round the outside of the circle while everybody sings "Happy Birthday To You." We sing Brownie Bells then to finish with we either spell out "Goodnight," with the circle closing in with each letter and getting louder, until they all meet in the middle and shout "GOODNIGHT!!" or (a bit quieter!) we sing "Those who are born in (name of a month) Go home, go home, go home" and all the girls whose birthday is in the named month skip through an arch made by the Guiders and then collect their coats and go to wait by the door; we work through the months in a random order until all the girls have left the circle and are ready for their parents to collect them.


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