BOGUK interest badges


Complete Clauses 1-6 and four more which provide a personal challenge to you

1. Learn how to use a computer to connect to the internet. Find out about the options for accessing the World Wide Web. Discover where in your area you can connect to the internet (e.g. libraries, cyber café etc)

2. Connect to the Guide Association site at and read the "Internet Safety Guidelines". Develop family and/or personal guidelines for use of online services and exploration of the Internet. Discuss issues such as costs, amount of use that is reasonable, parental guidance, shopping by computer, best times to use the phone line, sharing of the computer and phone line by family members, and safety on the Internet.

3. Learn how to send e-mail to someone, and to receive/check email. Learn to attach a document from a file and send it as part of your e-mail message. Know how to zip a document using WINZIP or similar software when sending attachments. Keep a list of favourite e-mail addresses.

4. Find out how to join the GuidingUK mailing list and join! Take part in discussion on the GuidingUK list for at least three months, posting as often as possible (at least once a week)

5. Take part in an online chat session with at least two other people.

6. Say hello to BOGUK by leaving a message on his guest book on the BOGUK site

7. Learn how to use key words in searching for information on a specific topic when using an Internet information browser or a search engine. Find out if there are shortcuts to narrow the field of inquiry. Do a search that will give you answers to a specific question, such as finding out about your favourite sport, a museum you would like to visit, or a craft to do with your Brownies. Visit several Web sites and explore related topics from those Web sites. Keep a log or use bookmarks to mark sites you wish to revisit.

8. Investigate a variety of ISP's to find the one with the most suitable package for you. Are you happy to change your phone number? Do you need reliability? Are you looking purely for the cheapest? Compare costs and services offered. (Don't forget to include telephone costs as well!)

9. Go to the following websites, and evaluate the information available:


10. Find out about software designed to protect children from accessing unsuitable information on the Internet, such as Net Nanny. Look at costs, ease of use and limitations. If possible try them out. How effective are they? Do they hinder the "normal" use of the internet?

11. Use the internet to look for a specific piece of information that you previously have not looked for (e.g. the surface temperature of Saturn, Albert Einstein's birth date etc). Do the same research using text books at the library or other resources. Compare the accuracy, speed and ease of each method. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet for this type of research?

12. Carry out research on Guiding in a foreign country using the Internet as your main research tool. Find activities, information and pictures. Use the information gained to create an International evening for a unit.

13. Go to the website of your favourite TV show, magazine or similar. Does the content repeat what the show said, does it support it, or is it totally unrelated?

14. Investigate the various options for paying for goods when shopping on the Internet (e.g. paypal, secure credit card transaction etc) and evaluate the range of places that accept them, the security aspects, who they are open to etc.

15. Become an Internet tourist by "visiting" a major city in this country or abroad. Access maps and information about weather, visit museums and other places of interest. Share your tour with others. or Use the Internet to plan a family or Guide trip, including travel options, costs, opening times, places of interest and accommodation.

16. Carry out a research project on a subject of your choice using the internet.

17. Develop a scavenger hunt for novice Guiders that teaches them how to use the Internet to help them with their Guiding. Include questions that take them to different sites. Ask them to find out specific information about crafts, songs, BP, the World Centres and other Guiding activities as well as items of a personal interest.

18. Develop and/or run a training session for Guiders and/or girls on the resources available on the Internet.

19. Teach a novice how to surf the Net. Learn about their interests so you can design a grand tour for them.

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