Boguk Clipart

If you want to put the Boguk on your website please feel free to do so : select whichever of these images you fancy and right-click on it, select "save picture as.." from the pop-up menu which appears and save to your hard drive or disk. You can then upload the image(s) to your own server and website - this method works for both static and animated graphics, but make sure you save in the same format (i.e. Gifs must stay as Gifs and Jpg as Jpg.)

If you use any images from this site, please provide a link back to Guiding UK - you can use one of the buttons below or a text link, whichever you choose, to

(animated - 24K)




(non-animated - 9K)

(animated - 54K)

(animated bar - 46K)

(non-animated bar - 4K)


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