A Brief History of the Hairy Boguk (Boguk caerulea hirsuta)

The Hairy Boguk evolved in a very short space of time - its existence was first suspected as recently as May 4th 2001 when Kathy first enquired "Have YOU seen the Boguk?" and since then Boguks have been seen with increasing frequency, suggesting that they are in fact reproducing with alarming rapidity and will soon have spread to all the corners of the Net.

Distinguishing Characteristics : the Boguk is a small, blue and hairy creature which is full of energy and gets everywhere. It can be recognised instantly by its inability to say "No" and its tendency to try to do everything at once.
Behaviour: The Boguk is friendly, cuddly, and absolutely indispensible. It thrives on company and enjoys associating with groups of female humans dressed in blue or yellow or mini-humans in a variety of colours.
Habitat: Boguks can be found anywhere and everywhere. They are at present spreading across the Net and it is suspected that they have already managed to cross the Atlantic. You can help this migration by giving Boguks to all your friends.

A beaded Boguk pin....


Thread the "hanging" pins onto the main pin by opening them and inserting the points through loop A and winding them round onto the back bar of the pin; make sure they all open the same way round.


Click here for copies of BOGUK Business cards and a BOGUK Poster


Or maybe make yourself a Boguk ......

You need some sort of small ring - a split ring or a curtain ring perhaps - and blue wool.

Cut the wool into 2" lengths and fasten round the ring as shown...

One loop...

.....and from the other side

Fill the whole ring with wool loops....

...and from the other side

Attach longer lengths of wool and fasten a bead to the end of each, for arms and legs

Finish off your Boguk by adding a face - one of those miniature Guide pins and some stick-on eyes,
or you could print out a Guide badge and eyes on card, cut them out and stick them on instead.


If you've got the Boguk "bug" how about a cross-stitch design too? Click here!

Send this Boguk to all your friends.......

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