Boguk Tries It!

This badge is open to anybody aged 18+, with the proviso that those aged 18-26 SHOULD have completed the appropriate Look Wider Phase 1 before counting any activity for this badge (and may NOT count the same activity for this badge too)

You may earn up to 4 “BOGUK Tries It” badges in a year – if you feel that you have earned more, please discuss this with the list as there may be unusual circumstances.

To earn this badge you must take part in EIGHT activities that are new to you.
Activities must come from at least 4 different “genres” (ie 8 crafts will not count!).

You should spend a “session” at each activity – this may vary from ½ hr to a full weekend, but you must participate fully, watching the Guides do it is not an option! Taking part in a session that you tried a long time ago may count, providing that you are doing something new or extending your knowledge e.g. silk painting where you do your own outline rather than following a pre printed pattern, or climbing a rock face when you have previously only done a wall.

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