The actual, real, genuine article - the Boguk Standard!

First suggested (and designed) at HGC2(B) in Thirtover, way back in March 2002, it has finally come to fruition and the Standards are now off the production line and available to buy.

The scan above does not do justice to the actual badge as the colours are much brighter and sharper, and we are very pleased with the detail the manufacturer has managed to include in the embroidery.

If you wish to buy any of these exclusive badges to add to your collection, please send a cheque for 1.50 UKP each, made payable to BOGUK, plus a self-addressed, stamped (ordinary first or second class for up to six standards) envelope with the number of badges required written inside the flap of the envelope, to:

Doreen Pechey
Jays Lodge
Crays Pond

If you want more than 6 and up to 10 standards, the postage is 42p. For postage on bulk orders please email Doreen on the link below.

Standards can also be sent overseas - please for details of payment, postage costs etc.

PLEASE NOTE : although designed in the same style and manufactured to the same standard as official Guiding Standards, this badge is from GuidingUK, NOT Girlguiding UK

The design of this Standard is copyright © Dianne Davies / GuidingUK 2002 & 2004 and
may not be reproduced in any format without permission; all rights strictly reserved.

Description : on the hoist, on a red ground, stands the Boguk, the symbol of the Best Of GuidingUK group and this website. The Guide Blue fly is divided vertically by a diagonal red band with the initials BOGUK in gold and horizontally by the wavy white line connecting two computers, symbolising the Internet without which none of this would exist. The top left sector of the fly has the letters H.G.C. in red, standing for Hopeless Guiders' Camps - for more about these, click here - and the bottom left has a sailing boat, a tent and a house to represent the venues of the HGCs. The top right sector shows a box of chocolates, a glass of wine, a pint of beer and a bottle of coca-cola, the staple diet of the average Hopeless Guider ...

You can download a picture and description/explanation of the Boguk Standard by right-clicking here and selecting "Save target as ..." , or select "Print target" if you would like a printout.