The Boguk Challenge 2004

This badge is open to anybody aged 18+, with the proviso that those aged 18-26 SHOULD be working on senior section program where possible.

You have one year to complete this award - a different award is available each year, so never fear that you will not have something to do! Years will run Jan-Dec (ie 2008, 2009)

Complete Clauses 1-7 and two others.

The Award should extend your knowledge and be a personal challenge to you. Clauses 5 and 8 to 15 can be done individually or with your unit.
The achievement gained in clause 2 should be in a different subject to those chosen in clauses 8 to 15.

Personal Challenge
Do something you've never done before and/or that presents a personal challenge to you! This does not have to be Guiding related!
This could be anything from abseiling down a 50ft tower to learning to bake bread.
Over 26? Gain a BOGUK Interest Badge
Under 26? Gain an octant certificate, or gain a SS qualification (eg Camp Permit)
OR (any age group) Gain an award or qualification that shows Personal Development (not work or school based!)
Be a Friend
Make a determined effort to get to know somebody new - this could be a Guider in your district who you have fallen out with, a new Guider who needs a buddy, a potential Guider who needs a gentle push or .....
Once you have established the friendship, plan and do something together - a joint unit event, an activity, develop a resource or .....

Extend your contribution to Guiding
Participate in a Guide Association Forum (e.g. Innovate), a working Group, a seminar or similar ...

Take on a new role within Guiding, as an Adviser, Commissioner, Mentor
Obtain a new Qualification, such as First Aid, QM Certificate, Campers Licence ....
Or .....

5 Community Action
Take part in at least two forms of Service to the Community, giving at least 5 hours of service over the year.
Neither should be for financial gain.
Sisters in Guiding
Complete part a and either b or c
a) Take part in an activity with Guides from another section, another unit or another area!
b) Participate in an International Camp in this country or overseas. Write a report and share your experiences with the BOGUK!
c) Introduce International Guiding into your unit at least 3 times. Hold at least one International night themed on a country, and share your program with the BOGUK.
Guiding UK
Take an active part in discussions on the Guiding UK mailing list, and submit at least two ideas to the list for publication on the BOGUK website (These can be gained from training, Internet etc., but try to avoid regurgitating ideas from any Guide Association publication!)

8. Camps & Holidays
Attend a Camp or Holiday. If possible, take on a new responsibility, go somewhere different or try something totally new.
In either case, share the theme/ programme Esc with the BOGUK

9. Craft
Learn a new craft, or extend your skills in an existing one....
Introduce your unit to a new form of craft lasting several meetings (e.g. glass painting, flower arranging) or do at least 5 smaller craft projects with the girls, at least two of which you have not done before.
Share your ideas with the BOGUK

10. Music
Learn to play a new instrument, gain a Guide Association Music qualification, or improve your existing musical ability...
Sing with your unit on at least 5 occasions during the year, introducing at least one new song from each of the following areas:
  • action songs,
  • rounds or part songs,
  • quiet songs,
  • traditional songs,
  • a new song to an old tune (make it up or adapt it yourself)

Earn BOGUK the Musician Interest Challenge Badge:

11. Out & About
Visit a town or tourist attraction you have never visited before. Learn more about your town, area or County such that you could give directions to major places of interest, and advice to a tourist on places to go.

12. Adventure in the Great Outdoors
Take part in an adventurous activity outdoors, such as canoeing or climbing....
Introduce Outdoor activities into your unit at least once each term (3 times in the year).

13. Homecraft and DIY
Learn a new skill relating to homecraft or DIY, and try it out, e.g. host a dinner party, decorate a cake, make some curtains, put up shelves, decorate a room etc....
Introduce Homecraft or DIY skills into your unit at least once each term (3 times in the year).
Only one of these should involve cooking!

14. Complete a Region, County or National challenge.

15. Achieve a Guide Association Optional Training Module.

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