Index of British Sign Language materials

IMPORTANT : PLEASE READ : A number of these resources have started popping up all over the Web with other people claiming or implying that they have created them : whilst I am happy for other people to use them - that's why they were created - PLEASE give credit where credit is due! The animated BSL signing pages in particular represent months of hard work on my part and they are ALL my own original work! Doreen Pechey, of GuidingUK and a BSL "speaker" has helped with "proof-reading" my signing and making corrections where necessary, but the graphic work is entirely mine. If you wish to use them, please give credit to Dianne G. Davies and a link back to this website - Copyright infringement is theft. If you wish to learn more about copyright, please click here.

Animated BSL signing


The Guide Promise

Campfire's Burning

Go Well and Safely

Make New Friends


Charts :

Some basic BSL signs

Finger spelling

ASL finger spelling