"Go Well and Safely"

There are lots of animations on this page - please be patient while it loads.....


Right hand sweeps across body in gesture of dismissal


Flat hands on chest move to clenched thumbs up


Clenched right hand, index finger pointing away from signer, flips over


Left flat hand at lower chest level, palm upwards and fingers pointing to right. Flat right hand, slightly curved, palm towards signer, starts at right of body, and moves onto left hand. Both hands together move back to signer (as if cupping a ladybird on your left hand, with your right hand protecting it)

Repeat this line twice more - three times in all - then continue.....

The Lord

Clenched hand with index finger pointing upward to right and above the head, accompanied by eye gaze

be ever

Hands describe a circle outwards from chest - fingers are not together but following each other so it's a sort of circular motion like a rolling cylinder. The fingers are following the circumference of the cylinder.


Hands with index and middle fingers extended - hold the hands at chest height. Bring fingers of each hand together so that palm sides of fingers of RH are touching backs of LH fingers. i.e. RH fingertips are touching LH nails.

thee (you)

Signer points to person she is signing to with index finger of right hand

Download the verbal description by right-clicking here (select "save target as...")

The complete animation :
(give it chance for all 64 frames to load, then it should run smoothly.....)

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