Army Manoeuvres Wide Game

· This activity is in two parts. The first part consists of a series of tasks and forms a race against the other regiments.
· You must complete each of the tasks in the first part before going on to the next task.
· Each task must be checked by an officer who will give you the materials and instructions for the next task.
· The second part of the activity is competing against the other regiments, if you have not completed the first part you will not receive the final set of instructions and you will be unable to defend yourselves and will be at a disadvantage. Approximate timings are given with each task. A warning whistle will be blown 5 minutes before the start of the second stage.

Part 1
1. Firstly choose a base for your regiment. This should be within the camp area and cannot be inside a tent. (5 minutes)

2. You need to make yourselves a uniform out of the materials supplied and a flag, which needs to be placed in view somewhere in your camp. (10 minutes).
· Coloured bin bags – 4 of one colour per team (Brown/Blue/Green), plus extra of each for decorations
· Scissors
· Coloured Tape
· String

3. In order to break through the barricades and reach water you need to build yourselves a Ballista, bring it to the firing line and hit the wall with 6 cannon balls. (15 minutes)
· 7 long garden canes
· 10 medium elastic bands
· 24 strong thick elastic bands
· strong circular receptacle
· newspaper
· ‘target’ ? groundsheets pinned to washing line

4. You may then collect water from the bucket by the flagpole to fill up your bottle. The bottle must remain within your camp and you may send one person to collect a cup full of water at a time. (10 minutes)
· Plastic 2 pint milk bottle with 30 holes in
· Plastic cup
· Bucket of water

5. When you have filled up your bottle you can let off a flare, add just 1cm of water and a few drops of food colouring to the canister, replace the lid, shake, place lid down on the ground and stand well away. (5 minutes)
· Film canisters
· Baking Powder
· Food colouring
· Water

Part 2
6. Your next task is to steal one of the other regiments flags without losing your own, you may defend your territory by ‘tagging’ intruders or by hitting them with a cannonball fired from your Ballista. If tagged or hit the intruder becomes a prisoner and must remain where they are until freed by a team member. As your prison is small, only 2 members of each regiment may be imprisoned at one time, the first person imprisoned will be released when the third is captured.