For each group, a copy of the following story as well as a copy of the ten words (in Arabic only):

An Egyptian Bazaar is an exciting place to be. It is like an open-air mall with lots of things for sale. You can buy yummy __________to eat, __________if you are thirsty, _______________to wear, _________________for your feet, ____________to use for making clothes, and _____________for your neck, hands and ears. There is lots of noise! _____________are yelling to attract customers,_ _________________argue about the cost of their purchases and_____________ and_____________________ are running all over the place.

HILYA-T (jewellery),
BAYYA' (shopkeepers),
A'YILA-T (housewives),
QAMAS (material).
QUT (food),
ALBISA-T (dresses),
DAWWAB (animals),
MARAKIB (shoes),
MASRUBAT (drinks),
ATFAL (children)

Each group chooses an Arabic word to fit into each blank in the story. They could try to read it out loud first. Then the leader gives the translation of each word and each group could then read aloud the story they actually wrote, filling in the English words they chose.


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