Alice in Wonderland Theme

Ideas for names

White Rabbit
Mad Hatter
March Hare
Queen of Hearts
Cheshire Cat
etc. etc.

Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades

White Rabbit's House
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Rose Garden
Tulgey Wood
Tweedledum's and Tweedledee's cottage


Walk in the woods
Mirror writing (through the looking glass)
Making flamingoes (could stretch a point & make origami peace cranes and call them flamingoes - instructions are in several places on the web)
Paper Fans
Caterpillar pom poms on pegs
Bedtime story read each night (use YLs for this!)
Simple card games
Anything with playing cards - card house building competition etc.

Through the mirror day when everything is backwards - grace then Dinner first, breakfast for tea, desserts before main course - the works.

Simple playing card wide game : hide a pack of cards around the hall or grounds and each six has to collect one suit (ie. one six looks for hearts etc.) All other cards must be left alone. You could put the jokers out too and let them count for any card if you wanted to add to it a bit.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party - have your tea outside (weather permitting!), acquire a couple of of those big yellow teapots if you can; all sit at a long table, they aren't allowed to eat cakes until GIC does and every time she shouts "change" they all move round a seat - and leave their plates and whatever behind :) NB - if anyone is vegetarian or allergic to any food, ALL food must be suitable for them!)

Mouse in a teapot craft :You need one of those little containers which creamer comes in at restaurants etc. (someone I spoke to had a word with the canteen staff at work & they collected them for her!).
Fold a circle of card in half & glue it to the outside of the container on the opposite side from the extended bit of plastic (spout!), for a handle. Put a length of pipe cleaner in the container as a tail.
Glue a cotton wool ball (body) into the container, then a pompom on top of there as the head. Pink seed bead for a nose with a few short bits of black thread for whiskers. Ears from fun foam, and joggle eyes.

There is an interesting "Through the Looking Glass" experiment from Robert Krampf's "experiment of the week" page reproduced here.


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